15 Extraordinary Hotels That Will Make Your Vacation The Best One Ever.

Traveling used to be about booking a room at the Holiday Inn. Things have changed quite a bit since those days. Now, the hotel you stay at is part of the experience. We’ve compiled a list of hotels that understand the importance of providing an incredible experience and make sure it’s one you remember for the rest of your life.

15-Homestead Resort, United States

Even though the guest rooms at this resort, located in Midway, Utah, are warm and welcoming, they aren’t the centerpiece of this resort. In the resort, is Homestead Crater, a geothermal spring with a 55-foot tall limestone rock. Guests can use this space to go swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, and even some paddle-board yoga.

If you enjoy nature, but also enjoy having modern comforts, then you’ll fall in love with this next hotel.

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