9 big mistakes that can harm your dog’s health – especially number 5

Many people these days think that dogs are partly like real family members. Perhaps that’s why we get so attached to them. Keeping them healthy and happy often seems like a relatively simple matter of feeding, walking, and loving your dogs. But in reality, it turns out to be a little different. So, in our cozy family world, there are some things that can be detrimental to your pet’s health and happiness. You most likely do such things with the best of intentions and wishes for your pet. INFO DOC, however, invites you to rethink the process of keeping and caring for your home. Today you’ll learn the 9 big mistakes that endanger your dog’s vitality.

09 You often cuddle them

Frequent cuddling with your dog can disrupt your pet’s peace of mind. This kind of bonding habit has some mixed reactions from veterinarians and psychologists today. An entire review section in Psychology Today magazine was devoted to studying this habit. People were convinced that cuddling with a dog formed the best positive emotions in the animal’s condition. Experts, however, advise against repeating this. They explained why a seemingly harmless hug can make your dog feel uncomfortable. The reason this all happens is because of a breach of distance – getting too close makes your pet feel uncomfortable. You can see the negative perception of your “cuddling” in the dog’s noticeable external manifestations. Pets do this by flattening their ears, licking their lips, and yawning, which is stressful behavior. They tell us that this is uncomfortable. Try to cuddle your dogs with less regularity. Frequent hugs increase your pet’s stress level, thereby endangering their mental state.

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