Best dogs breed to guard your Home you have to see it

The most common way to protect the countryside is a dog. However, when establishing such a guard, you must consider which breeds are best suited to the role of the guard. After all, not all dogs, firstly, are good guards, and secondly, are able to live in a street booth, such conditions can be simply devastating for them

Therefore, we present to you the top 5 best watchdog breeds.

Caucasian Shepherd dog

Best dogs breeds to guard your Home
Best dogs breeds to guard your Home

An impressive size dog with a thick coat, which helps them to withstand even the harshest frosty nights. That’s why they can even live in a cage or on a chain in a booth in winter. Caucasian shepherds, with proper training, clearly know how to distinguish their own from others. They will not bark on trifles, these sheepdogs prefer the tactics of the quiet but effective attack on the adversary

But you must have a truly iron character to cope with such a dog and be able to properly educate it, in order to get rid of unnecessary aggression, which these sheepdogs in the blood.


Best dogs breeds to guard your Home
Best dogs breeds to guard your Home

This breed is different in mind and strength, easy to train. They are also very loyal and faithful dogs. Rottweilers know “their”, so they will try to protect them from any potential enemies. In addition, these four legs are quite often attached to children and take special care to protect them.

But it is important to consider that the Rottweiler chain cannot be kept, only a strong and large enough aviary in the yard of the house.

Tibetan mastiff

Best dogs breeds to guard your Home
Best dogs breeds to guard your Home

If there is such a guard in the yard of the house, it is unlikely that anyone will decide to violate the boundaries of your property. He looks terrible. In addition, he is extremely cautious about strangers and is ready to attack strangers, once the latter only serves as a reason for this. But he treats the owners quite friendly and respectfully. But, accordingly, he requires a similar attitude in his address. In his training, you will need the strength of character.


Large security breed. It will defend its territory and its owner until it is victorious. Courageous dogs that require careful training. They are always ready to stand up for protection but demand respect for themselves in return. They may find common ground with children, they may also accept other pets, but in this case, the seniority will be Alabai.

It is better to keep these dogs in a spacious enclosure; it is not desirable to use the chain.

Large Pyrenean mountains

In the family, such a dog will be a real fluffy pet, they are kind and agreeable, with ease with the children. But it is better not to provoke other people and animals. The Pyrenees qualitatively perform any work entrusted to them, whether it’s playing with children or protecting their loved ones.

For them, contact with the owner is important, they are very attached to him and require a lot of attention. It is also very important for the Pyrenees to feel needed. It is better to keep them in a large enclosure.