Beware of the New Year! What dangers it holds for dogs and cats

New Year’s Eve, the most anticipated and magical holiday, can cause our pets a lot of trouble, if not disaster! Responsible owners should be aware of all the possible dangers awaiting our pets during this event.


Our pets are extremely curious, especially cats who need to sniff, examine, and taste everything. The least dangerous thing a pet can do is drop a Christmas tree. If it’s small and doesn’t have glass toys hanging from it, you’ll probably end up with nothing more than a bad scare. Which isn’t too good either. However, if a cat or dog swallows a piece of tinsel or rainbow, or bites into a garland, this is an adventure that can end with a trip to the vet and even an emergency surgery.

Tinsel, with its sharp edges, can easily cut the gastrointestinal tract of the animal, and the chewed wire of the garland will easily give an electric shock. To prevent such cases, refuse tinsel decorations, and the garland can be hung up higher. It’s better to fix the tree firmly, so that a curious pet won’t drop it.

Fireworks .
Another danger, specific to the New Year, is the constant fireworks and explosions of firecrackers. Even a trained working dog gets nervous of the unstoppable roar overhead, much less our pets.

Most dogs are terrified of fireworks, and it’s not just a case of the scared dog huddling up and looking to his owner for protection. Unfortunately, it’s common for a dog to go into a blind panic, snatch the leash from the owner’s hands and just run in a straight line without seeing or hearing anything.

So, while walking with the dog, pay extra attention, try not to walk near a firecracker, hold on to the leash (no leash for anything!) and watch the dog, so that you can spot his growing fright in time and take him home. And please attach an address tag to the collar!

New Year’s Table
And another, unobvious, but significant source of danger is the holiday table

But during the Christmas vacations our tables are almost every day full of all kinds of forbidden tasty treats, and if for us it can mean indigestion at most, then for pet treats from the table can easily turn into serious poisoning.

No chocolate, grapes and raisins, alcohol, spicy, spicy and salty foods are strictly forbidden for dogs. All of these foods, if eaten in large quantities, cause serious health problems for dogs. And overeating can lead to stomach congestion, and that can be fatal!

We hope that all the owners will be responsible for the safety of their pets during the holiday, and none of the dogs and cats will have anything bad happen 🙂