Dog omens. Do you believe in them?

There are many omens associated with dogs. Over the centuries people have accumulated a whole list of beliefs based on the behavior, appearance, and different situations in which dogs are involved. As usual, there are good omens, which is a harbinger of joyous events, and bad omens, which foretell sorrow and disaster

Here are some good omens:

On the eve of the hunt, if the dog is cheerful, kind and in a great mood, the hunt will also be successful.
To avoid the evil eye, you should carry a dog’s tooth with you.
An unfamiliar dog that stuck to the house – a harbinger of unanticipated profits. In general, a stalked stranger’s dog bodes well for good events in life.
Meeting a dog in the street, engaged in active play, it means that soon you will walk to a wedding.
A puppy with a black mouth means he will grow up to be a vicious and wonderful guardian of you and your home.
A black-colored dog serves as a talisman against lightning.
Seeing three white dogs at once bodes well for good fortune.
Dogs for many centuries have been faithful companions of man, are indispensable in the guarding and hunting, so of course, a lot of omens with dogs represent the harbingers of good things. But there are also bad omens, which are bad omens. Here is a small list of these omens:

There are many omens that portend death. When a dog howls with its muzzle down, or dug a huge hole in the yard, howls at one particular window, and various others.
Expect trouble if a dog passes between the newlyweds, at the moment when they go to get married.
The dog howls with its muzzle upward – to a fire, you or the tenants above. If howls and muzzle straight up, a harbinger of hunger, bodes ill for hard times.
If you hit a dog, your feet will hurt. You can’t beat a dog!
A dog on a fishing trip unexpectedly is also a bad omen. Many fishermen believe that the dog will scare away all the fish and don’t even take their pet on board.
If you hit a dog with a car, then the next one is a man. A very disturbing omen.
Omen, carrying bad omens, also enough, but do not dwell on it and keep track of every dog howl. Especially in case of dogs of husky breed :).

We can separate the category of omens about the weather.

Expect rain if: the dog chews grass, rolls in the dust, scratches for a long time and climbs into the water.
If the dog eats snow, then you can wait for severe frost, also the cold portends the desire of the dog to warm himself by the radiator or curl up in a ball.
And before the warm weather, on the contrary, the dog sleeps, sprawled out, stretching out all four paws.