dogs training the best way 2021

I am currently training my 13th

Boxers are awesome dogs!!

I have trained three over my lifetime (so far) each with their own personality.

My current “child” is an Australian Cattle Dog named, # 1.

I love Boxers!!

I would recommend the HHR or any dog to anyone.


my mother has a bitch lab she found on the road and has since had 2 litters from this dog, all were great with the baby, loved kids and any other dogs.

they have had at least 20 litters since this dog and they are still in fine shape.

they are very friendly and loving dogs who will not hurt anyone.

we used them for hundreds of puppy play dates and they are good with kids and dogs.

wow, reading this brings back memories of the love I felt for my wolf dog, cheyenne.

she was a sweetheart and the most loving creature you would ever meet.

She was the most loving dog anyone could ask for.

She loved everyone and everyone loved her.

she could get a bee sting in her nose and she would not even flinch.

She was an outstanding watchdog and had never let me down until last December.

In December I got a phone call from my mother that my little brother had been electrocuted and my big brother had a 3 x4 piece of lumber on top of my shed and the energy of the metal caught my dog on the side of her mouth and knocked her out cold and could not get her to respond.

It took about 1 / 2 hour for her to come to and then I was on the phone with a 24 hour vet who said he did not have anything that could work on her teeth as they were too far gone.

So I took her to the emergency animal clinic to have her put down.

the most painful thing I have ever done was putting her in the car to take her to the clinic and then putting her down.

She was only six.

I still miss her so very much.

She was the best dog ever.

You were blessed to have had the opportunity to know her.

She knew how much you loved her.

I always say, the greatest gift you can give to anyone is a dog.

There is no way to explain the love they give.

They truly are a gift from God to give love to you unconditionally.

I don’t think dogs are smarter than people, because they have a tendency to misbehave from time to time.

My youngest child has autism and has a lot of autistic traits.

She is the sweetest dog I have ever had.

Even people who don’t like dogs like her.

She knows when she is doing something wrong and will stop doing it