How a Yorkie was given away on “Avito” (I called the ad and found out why)

How a yorkie was given away on “Avito” (I called the ad and found out why)

I was lazily wandering around “Avito” looking for a vague hope to attach my dusty exercise bike, which served as a rack, to someone. Suddenly I saw an ad that caught my distracted attention. A Yorkshire Terrier was being given away in my neighborhood. Not a puppy, but a purebred and free of charge. Although I would not have taken a Yorkie (or a Toy Terrier or a Chihuahua) even if I had been paid for it, my journalistic instinct to unearth and show all that is hidden took over.

Yorkshire Terrier in good hands
The ad said that a young Yorkshire terrier of three years old and without health problems was in good hands. I’m used to the rejection of Dobermans and Rottweilers, Alabais and Amstaffs, but to reject a young and healthy couch-pocket Yorkie, I have never seen. I decided to call the ad and find out why the owners were looking for a new home for their pet.

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Photo for illustration, but the dog was similar (@k..ey/Instagram) Photo for illustration, but the dog was similar (@k..ey/Instagram)
A woman answered the phone, it was clear from her voice that she was of age. She regretfully said that there was already a line for an ad that had been posted just a couple of hours ago, and I was, alas, too late. Nevertheless, she was very friendly and decided to lay it all out before I even had a chance to ask anything.

Turns out they were giving the dog away… because they’re moving. They’re giving away a tiny, smart, healthy little Yorkie because of the move. This didn’t go over my head.

“How in the world… – I cautiously inquired – After all, the dog is very small… Moreover, yorkies are so attached to the owners and can not even stand to be alone.
“So it is,” complained the woman. Loneliness Toric absolutely can not stand. As soon as he is alone in the room, starts barking loudly!
A puppy until his old age.

They cannot take the dog with them. First, the owners of the apartment is against pets (especially since Toric – a situational rodent), and secondly, the dog will always be alone, and that means barking and howling with the stress of the pet, and the neighbors.

Also, in a private home, there was a problem-free walk where Toric would just run out to an enclosed area. That wouldn’t work in an apartment building. Toric is not accustomed to the litter box and the diaper, and he would pee on other people’s laminate floors, bark at other people’s neighbors and chew on other people’s chair legs if he was all alone.

A big house for a little dog.
Their former owners and assigned them as Toric’s future owners. The private home for the Yorkie was the very bonus that determined his place of residence.

After listening to the woman to the end, I politely bowed out, wishing all the best to her family and furry Toric – each in his new place. Of course, I thought to myself: poor Yorik-Torik.

I am indifferent to dogs of ornamental breeds, but the story of this unfamiliar yorkie touched me. The former owner was very emotional about how kind he was, how he loved kids and even in the game he would never bite them, how he loved bathing and never had a problem with washing his paws or putting on overalls, how he loved sleeping in the same bed with her little grandson, how he understood human speech…

The next day the ad was taken down. I really hope that Yorik-Torik will settle into his new spacious home and that he will be loved and not abused. And he won’t get too bored or bark loudly.