How does a dog know his master loves him?

Sometimes we ask ourselves this question – how does a dog know we love him? But even though our language is impossible for a dog to learn, he makes full use of all the other forms of communication.

The most important sign of our love. Take time for your pet, take enough walks, look at him. The dog should feel special and loved, and the more attention is directed to him, the happier our dog is. The lack of it makes our pets suffer and can make them sick, it is very hard for a dog to know that the owner is not interested with him and not enough energy for him.

A great way to show your affection. Dogs for the most part love to play, ready to chase a ball sometimes without tiring at all. And of course it’s most fun to play with his owner, thinking up new and exciting things to do with him, running around and having fun. During the game the dog relieves himself, relaxes and then sleeps contentedly on his cot. Games are also important for establishing contact between man and puppy, in the game you learn to communicate with your pet, and you get pleasure as much as the dog 🙂

Our dog doesn’t understand our speech, but he understands our intonation. It’s not for nothing that cynologists use different distinctive intonations when training their dogs. Don’t hesitate to praise your dog, speak kindly to him and tell him how clever and pretty he is. You’ll immediately notice how his eyes begin to shine, his ears perk up and his tail wags!

Dogs are pack animals and it’s important for them to sleep together with their family. If there’s more than one animal and they get along well, be sure they’ll sleep together with their heads together or curled up in a ball. A dog is calmer and more comfortable when he snuggles up for the night at the feet of his beloved owner. But this show of affection has its disadvantages.

Dogs love to be stroked, hugged and kissed. They show great enthusiasm in return and shower their owner with expressions of canine affection. Be sure to pet your pet, scratch behind the ears, pat the sides. Touching is the most important component of our pets’ happiness.