How to eliminate bad doggie smell in the house

Well, there are plenty of reasons why a pet can smell bad. In some situations, the indirect culprit for this stench is the owner himself, if he does not take care of his beloved pet. And sometimes the cause is a serious illness of the dog. We will now try to find out how to eliminate the smell from the dog if it literally saturates the whole house:

Once a month you should bathe your dog in warm running water with pet shampoo (you can use deodorant dog shampoo, which does away with the bad smell of the dog). Your pet’s paws should be washed daily after each time he goes outdoors;

In order to avoid unpleasant odors, dogs should not only be bathed regularly, but also combed (long-haired dogs 3 times a week, short-haired – once a week);

Sometimes it happens that the dog itself is clean and odorless, but its bed gives off a terrible stench. To avoid this, the dog bed should be washed every week, choosing an intensive mode of washing;

It is a good idea to take your pet’s stinky-smelling dog to the vet. It may be that the pet has a health problem that needs to be addressed. The specialist will advise how to not only get rid of the dog’s smell, but also prescribe treatment for the ailment that provoked the appearance of unpleasant odor;

Dogs with long coats should have their ears cleaned once or twice a week and dogs with short coats once or twice a week should have their ears cleaned. Reddened ear tissues, sores, an abundance of wax, a bad smell and exudate are alarming symptoms that signal an ear ailment;

The pet’s teeth should be brushed once a week. We should pay attention to the condition of teeth and gums during cleaning (rotten teeth and inflamed gums are the cause of disgusting dog breath);

In order to prevent the animal from shitting in the house, you should take him out for a walk every day and in any weather. And it is desirable to take at least 30-60 minutes twice a day for a walk, rather than 5-10 minutes a day;

A well-mannered dog, as a rule, does not shit in the house. You should teach your pet from an early age that making puddles and piles indoors is unacceptable;

If the dog has peed or pooped on the carpet, the excrement should be removed first. And wash thoroughly the place “x” at first with water, and then with water with lemon juice (about 100-150 ml of juice per 1 liter of water). Such lemon water can also remove odors from upholstered furniture;

Wipe pets’ eyes daily with a cotton pad soaked in boiled water or cooled and strained chamomile broth. Pus from the eyes is a reason to visit a veterinarian;

To keep your dog from smelling specific, he needs a proper diet. The owner needs to make a choice of either pre-packaged premium or extra-premium quality pet food, or choose a natural menu based on real meat and by-products, vegetables, cereals and dairy products (no sausages, sausages, sauces, fast food like pizza or burgers, buns and candy bars);

Use baking soda or starch (potato or corn starch) to get rid of dog smell on the carpet. Soda or starch should be sprinkled in a thin layer on the carpet and left for 4-6 hours. At the end of this time the carpet should be well knocked out or vacuumed;

To freshen the air in the apartment and “kill” the dog aroma will help to wash the floors with water and vinegar (3 parts water requires 1 part of vinegar);

Remove doggie odor from non-woven surfaces by using a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent (mix all three components in a 2:2:1 ratio). The resulting thick mass should be applied to the surface that smells bad, leave to dry for a couple of hours and then rinse with water;

Floors that smell of dog urine can be cleaned with water and manganese solution (light-colored and highly absorbent surfaces should be treated with a pale pink solution, while non-staining surfaces should be treated with a darker solution);

Vodka or pure alcohol may remove the smell from the pet. This should be used to wipe the spot on the floor or carpet where there was a puddle of urine. But after such a procedure it is necessary to air the room well, otherwise instead of the smell of the dog in the house there will be a pungent aroma of alcohol;

Chlorine-containing substances like Belize diluted in water can remove the smell from the dog. They can be used to clean floors and walls that have been tagged;

If the smell of the dog is embedded in furniture fabrics, cleaning with special products that are sold in household cleaners stores will be necessary. On sofas and chairs that are free from the smell of dogs, it is desirable to put on covers that need to be washed regularly;

Essential oils (e.g. peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, conifers, rose, lavender, citrus) can help get rid of dog odors in the apartment. Such oils can be added in small quantities to water for cleaning floors, as well as sprinkle the space with them from a sprayer;

As trivial as it may seem, the room where the dog lives should be well ventilated several times a day;

In a house where there lives a dog that smells bad, wet cleaning should be done daily or every other day;

Get rid of the smell of dog urine can help special detergents – odor killers, such as Vaportek, Zoosan, Ultrasan, BIO-GM, UF 2000, DUFTAPET, Natures Miracle;

Some owners, exhausted by attempts to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the dog, purchase ozonators – technological devices that generate ozone. The essence of ozonation is to disinfect the room and eliminate various unpleasant odors (dog and animal urine, cigarette smoke, dampness, fumes, etc.).