How to train your dog at home: 10 tips

How to train your dog at home: 10 tips
You can train a dog of any breed at home. As soon as the puppy turns 4—5 months old, he is now ready for training. But in order to raise a four-legged friend, you need a strong character and a hard hand.

The training is done using the “whip and gingerbread” method. The whip here in the figurative sense, it does not mean that you should beat an animal. But it is necessary to scream or make a noise at a broken pet. By carrot we mean a praise and a treat for obedience as a reward.

Cynologists share with dog owners useful tips on how to train an animal so that it would bear fruit.

Choose a goody correctly.
Training with dog food is not a good idea. For the dog it is a delicious, but ordinary and not interesting food. You have to choose exactly what is a delicacy. For example, cooked sausage, cookies, cut sausages or nonfat cheese. The dog must be very eager to receive an award and try to fulfill the team as hard as possible.

We teach the dog the nickname.
Try to pronounce the name of the animal as often as possible, and always with a friendly intonation. Call your dog, and when it starts to respond, reward it with a treat.

We start with a simple command.
It’s better to start with simple commands. First, teach the dog to come to you when you call him. Say, “Come to me!” if you are going to feed your pet or want to play with him. Then, the command will be associated with something positive. On the street you can just call your puppy to you, and when he comes up, give him a treat. Then, if you call him if necessary, he will be ready that he will be given something delicious.

We teach you to concentrate on the owner.
For a puppy to become dependent on its owner, you need to teach him to look for you without being distracted by other people. On a walk, let him go to play, and you step back by ten meters and stand in half a turn. The dog will not immediately notice that you are gone, but then he will start looking for you. When the puppy comes to you, wait a few seconds and only then turn around and praise him. Each time increase the pause between the praise and the moment when the dog comes to you.

Let’s get him used to the place
You should not let the dog be in the apartment wherever he likes. It should have its own place. A puppy should be immediately accustomed to it, because it is almost impossible to explain it to an adult dog. Arrange a place for your pet – put a blanket, pillow or a soft house in the corner. When the puppy falls asleep, carry him to this corner and put all his toys in the same place. Let the pet understand that this is his home.

Teach the word “no”.
The dog must know clearly what he can and cannot do. It must understand the word “no”. Pronounce it without shouting, but harshly. At the same time, you can hold your hands in your side and hang a little over the animal. The dog will see your superiority. From the first months, the puppy must understand that he is not the master, that he must obey. You have to be firm, even if you feel sorry for the dog.

A few useful tricks
Here are some simple secrets of success that can help you:

Don’t praise your dog in advance, otherwise he may misunderstand the team. For example, it will only squat and jump, not sit down.
Let’s have enough delicacies. Nobody likes to work for crumbs. So the dog will quickly lose interest if you give him too small pieces.
Change the treats from time to time, so that they do not become ordinary for the animal. It should always be something coveted and very tasty.
The better your pet learns the commands, the less treats he should be given. He should get used to doing what he needs to do with time, only for verbal encouragement.

Dogs are very smart animals. They often only take a few days to memorize the command. The important thing is to do it always regularly and in stages. During the walk, dedicate at least half an hour to study and repeat the commands.

Love your pet, and over time he will learn to obey only out of love for the owner! Did you like the publication? Take a liking and subscribe to the channel!