Take a test and find out which breed of dog is best for you

Sometimes it is so difficult to choose a dog. There are more than 400 breeds of dogs in the world, and they are all so different and funny. That’s how to understand, and what breed of dog is most suitable for you?

Just like people, each breed of dog has its own unique personality in behavior and character, and in care, etc. Using this test, you will be able to choose the breed of dog that best suits your personality to your character.

If you still haven’t decided to get a dog and are trying to decide on a breed, use this test as a hint. It may help you choose a dog and make a great friend with whom you will be “on the same page”.

The test contains only 10 questions and several answers to it. It is better not to think long about the answer and answer in 5-10 seconds. For each answer choice you will get a certain score, so get ready to write down the results so that you can add them up for all the questions and find out which breed of dog will suit your character and lifestyle.

Well, if you already have a dog, then you can check how exactly you were able to intuitively choose a friend and how accurate this test. Pictures of pets in the comments are welcomed and liked by me personally.

And so, let’s go! Test questions:

1) How do you feel about getting to know new people?

A) I love to meet new people.

B) I try to avoid such meetings

D) I will be polite with new people, but that’s all.

Points for answers: A – 3 points, B – 1 point, D – 2 points.

2) How would your friends describe you?

A) My friends would say that I am very, very patient.

B) They will say that I am strange.

D) My friends think I have a great sense of humor

Points for answers: A – 2 points, B – 1 point, D – 3 points

3) Which of these irritates you the most?

A) People who speak too loudly

B) The need to eat healthy food

D) Wake up early

Points for answers: A – 2 points, B – 1 point, D – 3 points

4) What do you usually do on Saturday morning?

A) Of course I sleep

B) I do whatever I want and do not limit myself in any way.

D) Walks, biking, running and all that is associated with active leisure activities

Points for answers: A – 2 points, B – 3 points, D – 1 point

5) Which stuffing do you like most about pies?

A) Cherry

B) Meat

D) Cabbage

Points for answers: A – 3 points, B – 1 point, D – 2 points

6) Do you want people to think that you are a kind person?

A) Of course I do.

B) More likely yes than no

D) I try not to seem kind

Points for answers: A – 3 points, B – 2 points, D – 1 point

7) You and your friends, usually……

A) Do you do what they want to do?

B) Doing what you want to do?

D) We want and do the same thing

Points for answers: A – 1 point, B – 2 points, D – 3 points

8) What are you most afraid of?

A) Heights

B) Crowds of people

D) Loneliness

Points for answers: A – 2 points, B – 1 point, D – 3 points

9) A stranger at a party makes a conversation with you, you……

A) You will support the conversation with interest, will joke and ask questions

B) Mutter something and try to get away

D) Talk nicely for a few minutes and then go away

Points for answers: A – 3 points, B – 1 point, D – 2 points

10) How do dogs react to you?

A) They want to play with you

B) They bark at me

D) They usually do not respond to my presence

Points for answers: A – 3 points, B – 1 point, D – 2 points

That’s it, the questions are over and it’s time to calculate the final result and find out the answer, and what breed of dog is best suited for you?

If you got from 10 to 14 points – then you are quite suitable for a dog breed Pitbull, because you know what it’s like when you do not understand people who often judge about you by your cover, but these people miss the chance to know a really beautiful person in you. You are the most loyal among friends, and you always act as their protector if someone ever threatens them or breaks their hearts.

If you get 15 to 19 points, then Mastiff is the right dog for you. You are a confident and impressive person, but you are a shy soul. You behave very modestly, but with dignity and make people respect themselves before they get to know you better. While the crowd shouts and applauds, you stand quietly in the corner, smiling happily. You stay close to your friends that you trust, and only the most loyal ones get into your inner circle.

If you get from 20 to 25 points, the Shiba-Inu dog is for you. You have natural charm and magnetism. People are drawn to your warm energy. You are probably the smartest person in your environment, but you do not like to brag. In the company you will make jokes to make everyone around you laugh.

If you get 26 to 30 points, Husky is the right breed for you. You were definitely born for adventure. You are sociable and confident and can’t wait to try something new. Nothing can knock you down, not even snow or rain, you will put on a coat and run out of the house even in the middle of a snowstorm to meet your friends. You get along easily with people and like to work in groups. You may get bored if you have to work alone.

That will be all. Yes, this test does not cover many breeds of dog, but it may give you direction and help you decide. Kind and cute pets to everyone.