This is the smallest dog breeds in the world

Many Small dog breeds need special care

Ready to pamper further? We present to your attention 15 kinds of Small dog breeds, interesting dogs with short descriptive characteristics of each of them.

15-Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi is a breed of Small dog breeds of British origin. There are 2 types of this breed: Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi Cardigan

This is the smallest dog breeds

An old legend says that the corgi cardigan was brought to the British Isles by representatives of the tribe of Indo-European origin (Celts). The first references to these cute dogs date back to the 10th century. Another kind of Welsh Corgi was bred in Pembrokeshire after 3 centuries. Welsh Corgi is called a shepherd dog because it belongs to the family of sheepdogs. This reasonable, inquisitive, gentle dog does not need excessive care for his coat and can get along well with small children.

Corgi is dynamic, friendly, and cheerful pets, who learn something new with great pleasure and easily memorize commands.