The Most 21 dangerous & Fighter dog breeds Especially No.17

21-Bordeaux dog breeds (French mastiff)

Height: 58-68 cm / Weight: 45-60 kg

Despite the average values, the size of some contracts can reach almost 100 kg. Such impressive parameters were successfully used by traders traveling from city to city to protect their goods. On the battlefield dogs came much later, demonstrating their strength and fearlessness.

Bordeaux dogs, grown in a loving family – the exact opposite of their formidable ancestors. They are reasonable, good-natured and quite lazy. Dogs become good babysitters for children, and they demonstrate their fighting skills only to protect their owners.

20-Kane Corso dog breeds

Height: 60-68 cm / Weight: 40-50 kg

Bordeaux dog breeds

The ancestors of Cane Corso, who lived in Ancient Rome, participated in gladiatorial fights. The country of origin of this fighting breed of dog is recognized in Italy. Local shepherds and farmers used their representatives to corral cattle and protect their homes.

The balanced character and developed intuition of cane corso are skillfully used by the police. Dogs easily recognize enemies and eliminate danger without waiting for a command.

Cane Corso gets along well not only with all children but also with all animals. With timely socialization, they recognize other pets as members of their family without trying to take a leading position.

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