The Most 21 dangerous & Fighter dog breeds Especially No.17

18-Ka de Bo (Mastiff of Majorca)

Height: 52-68 cm / Weight: 30-38 kg

Ka de Bo (Mastiff of Majorca)

This dog was bred on the island of Mallorca by tying Spanish mastiffs and warrior breeds imported by English sailors. The Ka de Beau successfully protected ships from pirates, helped hunting, and participated in bullfights and dog fights.

Mallorcan mastiffs are excellent babysitters. They forgive their little masters any pranks and gladly participate in their pranks.

Unlike most pets, the Ka-de-bo are equally loyal to each of their owners and do not choose their favorites. They treat strangers and animals with respect.

Their ferocious disposition manifests itself only during the defense. Not even a mouse can penetrate the territory entrusted to them. The dog perfectly understands the intruders and never gives in to their pretend caress.