The Top 15 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World For home

In this article, I tried to collect the most popular dog breeds with names and pictures. The list includes the top 15 quadruple-legged friends. If you have such happiness at home, be sure to write in the comments of the breed, nickname, sex, and age of your pet. We are very interested

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky” dog breed
Factory specialized breed of dogs, bred by Chukchas in the north-eastern part of Siberia and registered by American moviegoers in the 1930s as a sled dog, obtained from aboriginal dogs of the Russian Far East, mainly from Anadyr, Kolyma, Kamchatka in the local settled seaside tribes – Yukaghirs, Kerekes, Asian Eskimos and seaside Chukchas – Ankalyyn. This aboriginal sled dog of the Far East is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. At present, the breed “Siberian Husky” is used not only as a sled dog but also as a companion dog and show dog.

Interesting fact: The term “husky” (distorted “Eskimo”) originally referred to Eskimos. Subsequently, this name was assigned to Eskimo husky. They are dogs with thick hair, sharp face with standing ears and straight tail. When the first representatives of Chukchi dogs arrived in North America, to distinguish them from Eskimo husky, they began to be called Siberian Huskies, and this name has been preserved to this day. (Source: Wikipedia)

German Shepherd dog

German Shepherd dog breed
German Shepherd dog breed
The breed of dog, originally used as a shepherd dog and service and search dog. The German shepherd dog was obtained by breeding and crossing some varieties of gurt dogs of Central and Southern Germany.

Interesting fact: During the patrol service dogs have to change satellites often, sometimes every day, and here the German shepherd dog is beyond competition. It is capable of unquestionably carrying out commands from any policeman on patrol. (Source: Wikipedia)


Pug dog breed
Ornamental dog breed. Pugs were brought from China to Europe in the XVI century and were popular in Western Europe and the Netherlands.

Interesting fact: This breed was very popular about two centuries. But gradually, there were fewer pugs. In 1864, for the English Queen Victoria, who wished to have this breed, it was difficult to find one dog. After 20 years, the first pug club was created, and thanks to it the breed began to improve and acquire the standards that are still valued in these dogs. (Source: Wikipedia)

  1. Labrador Retriever
    Labrador Retriever” dog breed
    Labrador Retriever” dog breed
    Dog breed. Originally was bred as a hunting girlfriend dog. Labradors are used in hunting, as guide dogs, rescue dogs, but mainly as companions. The breed dates back to the island of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.

Interesting fact: Labradors have the property to gain extra weight if fed incorrectly. Thick waterproof wool is enough combing and cleaning 1-2 times a week. Labradors love movement. Adult dogs need daily long walks, a minimum of half an hour in the morning and two hours in the evening. Puppies need long games and activities. (Source: Wikipedia)

Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi dog breed
Welsh Corgi dog breed
Breeds of shepherd dogs, originating in Wales.

Interesting fact: According to one legend, puppies were received as a gift from people from fairies, who used this breed of dogs as sled dogs. Since then, all corgi have a saddle-shaped mark on their backs. This pattern is also present in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in reality. (Source: Wikipedia)


Akita-Inu Dog Breed
Akita-Inu Dog Breed
The breed of dog, which appeared in Akita province on the Japanese island of Honshu, is one of six in the register of Japanese cynological organization for the protection and preservation of native Japanese breeds – Nihonken Hodzonkai. Akita-Inu is the largest Japanese spitz dog. For a long time, it was used mainly for hunting large animals such as wild boar, deer, and bear. In the distant past, the Akita, who were taken on hunting, was called Matangi ken. The word “matagi” in ancient Japanese means “hunter on a large beast,” and the translation “safecracker” is also correct. The word “ken”, as well as the word “inu”, means “dog,” but unlike “inu,” the word “ken” cannot be used separately, but only in a phrase such as “matagi ken”…

Interesting fact: In 1932, Akita-Inu, nicknamed Hatiko, became famous throughout Japan. Hatiko met his owner every day, who was returning from work by train. Once the owner died at work, but the dog waited for several hours at the station. For 9 years after the master’s death, the dog came to the station at the same time and waited for his return from work. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed
Yorkshire Terrier dog breed
Decorative breed of dogs, bred in England, Yorkshire county in the late XIX century, based on breeds such as Manchester Terrier, Skaiter, Maltese and others. The ancestors of this breed were used to exterminate rats on a ship, as they were the descendants of terriers intended for trawling and kept their working qualities, but due to their small size and small daily feeding rate, they were easily kept on ships.

Interesting fact: The greatest difficulty is the care of the wool, if it remains long. Usually, long coats are grown by dogs who participate in shows. (Source: Wikipedia)


Chihuahua Dog Breed
Companion dog. It is considered the smallest dog in the world and bears the name of Mexican state Chihuahua. There is an assumption that the ancestors of this dog lived in the wild, and in the era of civilization, Toltecs were domesticated by them. It has a compact body and is notable for its youthful and bold character. Cynologists claim that this breed occupies one of the most significant places in the history of ancient and modern dog breeding. Chihuahua had a significant impact on the formation of other dwarf breeds. However, the Chihuahua breed has a number of advantages and advantages over other miniature dogs: good health, high intelligence, contact, and kind character

Interesting fact: The ancestor of the Chihuahua is presumably an ancient leaky dog, the first mention of which dates back to 1500 BC. The dog has its trail of three ancient civilizations: the Maya, the Toltecs and the Aztecs, whose tiny dog was revered as sacred. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pomeranian Spitz

Dog breed “Pomeranian Spitz”
Dog breed “Pomeranian Spitz
A dog breed belonging to the category “Spitzes and breeds of primitive type” according to the classification of MKF. Meranes’ hair is cotton, soft and stuffed, muzzle is short, also Meranes’ forehead is fluffy.

Interesting fact: Spitzes can be very stubborn, so they must be trained from an early age. They have a tendency to dominate, dogs are trying to subjugate both a man and a larger dog. (Source: Wikipedia)


Beagle Dog Breed
Hunting breed of dogs, bred in the UK. Medium size, looks similar to a foxhound, but smaller, with shorter legs and longer and softer ears

Interesting fact: The Beagle will require a lot of strength and patience to train, as it is a very stubborn breed (in addition, very curious, which does not allow the Beagle to quickly focus on the owner). (Source: Wikipedia)


Dobermann Dog Breed
Dobermann Dog Breed
The breed of short-haired service dogs, bred in Germany, Thuringia, in the city of Apolda in the late 19th century by Carl Friedrich Luis Dobermann, is named after its creator. The original name of the breed – Thuringian Pincher – after Dobermann’s death in 1894 was replaced by Dobermann Pincher. During the next edition of the standard in 1949, the word “Pinscher” was removed from the name of the breed, and it became known simply as “Dobermann”. In Stanley Koren’s book “Dog Intelligence” is included in the group of breeds with the best training ability.

Interesting fact: Doberman is usually friendly, peaceful, very attached to the family and loves children. Mild temperament, moderate anger and moderate excitability are preferable. (Source: Wikipedia)


Dalmatian” dog breed
The breed of dogs bred in Croatia. The name of the breed was given by the historical region of Dalmatia on the Balkan Peninsula. Dogs with stains in color and very similar to modern Dalmatians, were known in ancient times, for example, archaeological excavations in Greece have allowed to see a variety of paintings, which, along with people, were depicted very similar to modern Dalmatians dogs

Interesting fact: The wool is thick, short, and hard, the main color is white, the spots on the white background should be clear, round (the size of a two-ruble coin), as evenly distributed as possible, but can merge. Like any smooth coat dog, it sheds all year round. In this case, the color may change. Dalmatian is clean and has no “dog” smell. The height in the crest of male dogs is about 56-62 cm, the bitches 54-60 cm. The weight of the body is about 24 to 32 kg.


Alabai Dog Breed
Ancient breed of dogs from Central Asia regions. It is not the result of artificial selection: the aboriginal breed is historically distributed among Central Asian peoples.

Interesting fact: The name “Alabai” is secondary and not quite correct, as this word meant a certain color. Therefore, the only and correct name of the breed is “Central Asian Shepherd dog”, which in turn indicates the region of origin of this species of dog (Central Asia). There is a lot of disagreement about what country this breed originated in. (Source: Wikipedia).


Shi Tsu dog breed
Shi Tsu is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. In the Russian language there are also the names Shi-Tsu, Shitzu. The roots of shitzu come from China. Until the 20s of XX century dogs of the breed shih ttsu were forbidden dogs of the court of the Chinese Emperor. It is erroneous to believe that the name of the breed from the Chinese language shi1 zi translated as lion cub. A more correct translation of “beautiful dog” 西施犬, xīshīquǎn, Shishitsüan by the name of the beauty Xi Shi, one of the Four Great Beauties of Ancient China.

Interesting fact: Shi Tsu is traditionally considered a Chinese dog. One of the birthplaces of Shi Tzu is considered to be Tibet. In 1653 the Tibetan Dalai Lama gave the Chinese Emperor a few shih tzu dogs, which turned the shih tzu into a forbidden breed belonging exclusively to the imperial family. As a gift, the Emperor sometimes gave the most senior officials shih tzu. (Source: Wikipedia).


Chau-chow dog breed
Watchdog, companion, one of the oldest breeds of dogs. By its origin, the chow belongs to the group of spitzes, but there is an assumption that they have an admixture of Tibetan dog blood.

Interesting fact: Among the famous owners of chow Sigmund Freud, Don Bluth, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable, Lil Dougover, Martha Stewart.
Dog breed “Mongrel Common”
A dog that does not belong to a particular breed of dog. Scientists also use the term “free-propagating dogs” to describe the main feature of a pedigree dog: its own choice of mating partner. This category covers not only roaming dogs, but also dogs that have owners but are not tied.

Interesting fact: In Soviet cosmonautics, only mongrel dogs and stray dogs were used, because mongrels were noted for their good health, ingenuity, unpretentiousness in food, loyalty to man. In addition, they could be picked up right on the street for free. Among the cosmonaut dogs – Laika, Squirrel, and others.