These 7 products that dogs should not be given know the why

Many people understand the basic principles of feeding dogs. Basically, dogs get their food for dogs: natural or food (depends on the choice of the owner). Still, do they occasionally ask you for a tasty piece from your table? Are you sure you know all the foods that are harmful to dogs? Test yourself.

So, a list of foods that you should not give your dog:

  1. Grapes. It is strictly forbidden to give grapes to a dog.

It has long been scientifically proven that grapes and even raisins have a negative impact on the digestive system of the dog. At a dog in blood level of calcium and phosphorus raises. Grape affects the functionality of the kidneys, in the extreme variant the kidneys may fail.

And, as studies have shown, it does not matter whether it is pure berry or with pesticides, what kind, color and from what country!

Even after a small amount of grapes, a dog’s health may get worse.

Yandex. Pictures. Even though it looks nice, grapes are toxic for dogs!
Yandex. Pictures. Although it looks cute, grapes are toxic for dogs!

  1. Citrus. (Oranges, mandarins, etc.). There are different opinions of experts. But here are my arguments, why, do not give citrus to the dog.

Allergy. Your dog may have an individual intolerance, up to swelling Quinque and death. Are you ready to take your risk and then wait for 2 to 48 hours for signs of allergy to appear?
Citrus fruits contain quite aggressive acids, as a result, your dog may have a worsening of the gastrointestinal tract, discomfort, heartburn.
Citrus fruits are processed externally with biphenyl, bromide metal or sulfur dioxide. If you give the whole fruit to the animal – it may be poisoned!
Citrus fruits have a negative effect on the dog’s nose. They have a very pungent smell. If for a domestic bolognese the fine unique sniff may not be so important, even a temporary loss of sniff is tragic for a hunting dog.
Yandex. Pictures. your pet does not always know what is harmful to him.
Yandex. Pictures. your pet does not always know what is harmful to him.
Some manufacturers have food in their line of dog foods with fruit supplements, pamper your pet better with special “fruit” foods.

  1. Corn. Well, it is not properly absorbed by dogs! The harm is more than good.

Corn contains gluten, or gluten. Another study by Dr. John Simes showed that when corn, or corn grit, is used for a long time in dog nutrition, the duodenum of the dog is clogged with gluten residues, inflammation occurs.

Corn starch is the most harmful component in its composition. It provokes the development of diabetes and obesity in animals.

Components such as folic acid, fatty acids, niacin and vitamin C from corn are simply not absorbed by dogs. It is natural for animals that have eaten the same meat in nature.

Yandex. Pictures. Corn is more of a toy than a complete meal.
Yandex. Pictures. Corn – rather a toy than a full meal.

  1. Raw potatoes. Causes the strongest bloating and even poisoning of dogs. Boiled potatoes – because of the short intestines, dogs can hardly digest. In addition, potato starch causes additional stress on the dog’s digestive tract, as an atypical food.

Fried potatoes do not contain anything useful for the dog and can serve as an irritant to the intestines. Many veterinarians believe that potatoes of any kind are poisonous to the dog.

Yandex. Pictures. After such a portion, the pet waits for an enema and activated charcoal.
Yandex. Pictures. After such a portion of the pet waits for an enema and activated charcoal.

  1. Dough and fresh bread. These products can cause intestines wrapping in a dog and even death. I understand that no one will give their dog dough on purpose. But it is also very important not to leave the pet alone always with a delicious smelling substance.

Bread causes fermentation in the intestines of a dog, which causes discomfort. So do not give in to these begging eyes, do not throw the dog bread from the table! It is better to give a piece of cheese or a dog cookie.

  1. Chicken tube bones. No matter how much they write about it, for some reason, so far some people believe that a large breed of dog will not be anything from tubular chicken bones. In fact, there may be a tragedy, the bone will get stuck in the esophagus, or worse, the digestive tract.

Chicken bones puppies can’t have everything. Adult dogs can bone and cartilage breasts and neck.

  1. Pork fat. Especially in large quantities. In my practice, there was a case when after a piece of fat 300 grams of big dog almost died. Failed liver.

Even from a small amount of fat your pet can break the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea and vomiting.

Since fat can cause disease and dysfunction in the liver, pancreas, heart obesity and metabolic changes, I would not recommend giving it to dogs!

On my list of the main forbidden foods for dogs!

I did not put such harmful things as alcohol on my list from the beginning. Everyone knows that dogs are not allowed it. There is a special broth-based dog beer for dogs.

In this list are only those products that you, by ignorance, can give the dog from your table, and then you will have to treat the pet.