Top of the stupidest dog breeds in the world – the number is 7 crazy

To check if a dog is stupid or not is quite problematic because the dog can not pass any intelligence test. Still, this is real thanks to the classification of Professor Stanley Koren, in which he described the breeds of dogs by the level of intelligence. Of course, the word “stupid” is chosen to simplify, because it is impossible to call a dog smart or stupid, these concepts are in no way comparable with animals. The breeds that will be described below are at the bottom of the list and belong to the 6th classification group – “dogs with low ability”. The whole “inability” of these breeds is that they can be trained, but they need more time and more command repetitions to get the result than other dogs.



Shitzu (lion dog, chrysanthemum dog) – one of the oldest breeds of dogs there are also the names of shi-tsu, shi-tsu. The roots of shittsu come from China. Till 1920th dogs of breed shih tsu were forbidden dogs of a court of the Chinese emperor. It is erroneous to believe that the name of the breed from the Chinese language is translated as “lion cub”. More correct translation of “beautiful dog”.