Hello brother, a visitor to my SITE BUZZFLAG.COM. Some of the conditions that are necessary for every visitor to the blog to view it, as well as to abide by it

1. My visitor brother, you have the right to comment on any content you see in the blog, whether in the answer or in the negative.

2. The owner of the blog BUZZFLAG may reuse comments in other activities. A blog-related activity without the need to request prior permission from commenter

3. To comment on the blogger, please use the commenter’s personal name

4. The blog collects some of your things such as your browser type, your IP … etc.

5. You should not use the blog’s topics or copy and reuse them after modifying them without the permission of the owner

6. You are the only one responsible for the comments that you share on blog

7. Changes can be made to the previous agreements at any time and in the end,

I hope you like our SITE BUZZFLAG With sincere appreciation and respect to you from your brother, the blogger, Haddadi Abdel Wahab, and peace be upon you