We had Labrador puppies in Kaliningrad

Congratulations 🙂 Our kennel Arh Beauty in Kaliningrad gave birth to 8 beautiful labrador pups with palette color. Their happy parents are our beloved and outstanding Runa (MALLORN’S FOXY LADY) and snow-white beauty Morge (Windup Barberry A KIND OF MAGIC).

We had our Labrador puppies in Kaliningrad.
We brought Runa from Finland 7 years ago. We had a great experience with Labradors. When choosing a puppy we were guided not only by its exterior but in the first place by its character. Mallorn’s kennel is famous for Labradors with moderate temperament, without too much fussiness, aggression, and cowardice.


Runa (scroll through gallery)
We got what we dreamed of. Fleece is an unusually calm, intelligent, comfortable in temperament dog of the classic type. We chose our puppies’ father thoroughly. Walrus is a powerful, bony, balanced and well-bred Labrador. We hope that the parents will pass on their merits to their children.

Walrus (scroll through the gallery)
This is Runa’s last litter, time to retire 🙂 She had puppies when she was 2 years old, they all went to Russia and one puppy went to USA for permanent living. Then she gave us puppies at 5. And now 8 labro babies please us with their black noses and fat tails.

The parents are free from genetic diseases.
Both Runa and Walrus have all the tests that responsible breeders do before letting a dog be bred. Hip and elbow shots are taken (parents are completely healthy), they are not carriers of progressive retinal atrophy, centronuclear myopathy and hereditary retriever nasal parakeratosis.

We have Labrador puppies born in Kaliningrad.
Parents – Champions = good start
Both Runa and Walrus have good show career.

Windup Barberry A KIND OF MAGIC – Junior Champion of Russia, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Club, RKF, Junior Grand Champion of Russia.

MALLORN’S FOXY LADY – Junior Champion of Russia, Byelorussia, Club Champion, National Club Champion, BIG-1, BIG-3, BIS-2, BISJ-1

Who is suitable for a Labrador puppy
Our Labrador Labrador puppies, we are confident, will be great companions for people with active lifestyles. You have to remember that no matter how smart a puppy is, it needs education, training, and proper breeding. It is worth investing effort and time in the first year of the Labrador’s life to have an adequate four-legged friend as your family member afterwards.

A Labrador won’t suit you if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, are away at work all day, or think you can give a dog to a child and he’ll figure it out on his own. No, a puppy is an adult responsibility, and even if you get a Labrador “for the kids,” you should be prepared that care and walks will fall on you.

We have Labrador puppies in Kaliningrad
Who we trust our graduates to
We would like our future owners to continue the show success of our kennel, but it is not necessary. The main thing is that our Labrador puppies are loved and needed. You should realize that puppy is like a child, it is important to realize that he will bring into your life not only sea of joy, walks and devotion, but also a lot of responsibility and worries.

At the moment only one boy and two girls remained free, we will be very glad if they stay in Kaliningrad, but we can arrange delivery to other cities and countries. By the way, one of the Labromals of this litter is flying to Moscow. And in general our graduates live in France, Sweden, USA, Spain, Lithuania and in many Russian cities (from Arkhangelsk to Sochi).